International Research and Theory in Human Ecology

Vol. 18, No. 1
ISSN: 1546-2676

Guest Editor:
Elizabeth B. Goldsmith

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Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM, Vol. 18, No. 1. 
1546-2676. Editor: Dorothy I. Mitstifer. Official publication of Kappa Omicron Nu National Honor Society. Member, Association of College Honor Societies. Copyright © 2009. Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM is a refereed, semi-annual publication serving the profession of family and consumer sciences. The opinions expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of the society. Further information: Kappa Omicron Nu, PO Box 798, Okemos, MI 48805-0798. Telephone: (727) 940-2658 ext. 2003

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Kappa Omicron Nu


Last Word

Dorothy I. Mitstifer
Kappa Omicron Nu

This issue is timely, given that the problems of food, energy, and finance have led to the current state of the world. Global dialogue to address systemic problems is necessary, and this issue of Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM in its own way contributes to the conversation.

The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) in July 2008 discussed the global economy, rising food and energy prices, adaptation to climate change, and the need for a renaissance in agriculture and rural development. Although these topics arose from widespread poverty, growing inequity, and unsustainable patterns of consumption and production, it is clear that developing countries cannot achieve sustainable development by national development strategies alone. ECOCOC called for an integrated approach to achieve sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals, which are essential for both developed and developing countries. Certainly it is in the interest of human sciences professionals to be engaged. We have the ethical responsibility, individually and professionally, to use our competencies to ensure a better future.

We acknowledge that the projects and research described in this publication are just the “tip of the iceberg.” We invite others to share their work and help the rest of us build upon and improve our international efforts. It is our hope to expand this publication; see for the Call for Papers. Join us in highlighting the work of our profession.

Kappa Omicron Nu was involved in the Global Summit for Social Responsibility sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives. Recently KON signed the “Global Principles for Social Responsibility for Associations and Nonprofits” that focus on responsible advocacy, environmental and economic sustainability, public protection (ethics, self-regulation, human rights), diversity, philanthropy/community service, and leadership. We invite your commitment.