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2021 KON Leadership Development Webinar Series

JacksonYou Are What You Write

With Carolyn Jackson

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People’s first impression of you may be by what you communicate, and these days many of our communications are written, whether by email, text or longer letters as part of job applications. Regardless of the scenario, you want your written communications to be read!

Communication channels continue to grow and can easily produce information overload. If sound bites are becoming the answer, how can you shine? How can you write so that people will read what you send? How can a subject line compel recipients to read your message? How does what you write convey who you are?

This webinar will provide examples of communications that are clear, concise, descriptive, relatable and personalized. Written communications are most effective when tailored to a clearly defined purpose and audience and recognize time limitations of the recipients. This webinar will address email, text messages, and social media as well as more in-depth communications such as cover letters and resumes. And certainly, how to effectively communicate written thanks which should not be forgotten! Expressing social and emotional intelligence suggests that communications also show a great deal of warmth and empathy. 

You can get better at communicating WHO you are by WHAT YOU WRITE if you adopt essential techniques in your written communications. 

Goals & Objectives:

The goal of this webinar is to help save time; both yours and those with whom you wish to communicate, by employing effective and thoughtful writing techniques.

At the end of this program, the participant will be able to:

  • Employ concise writing techniques appropriate to the medium in which the message will be delivered
  • Differentiate writing styles for different written message media: what works for a text message may not be appropriate for a social media post, and so on
  • Practice envisioning how a reader may make judgements about the message from a social/emotional perspective.