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KON’s Undergraduate Research Journal is open for the following types of submissions: research manuscripts, research papers, and research reports.

Research Manuscript – This can include either primary or secondary research (Creating an experiment and gathering data from it, or analyze existing data). Includes an abstract and clearly defined sections of problem statement, methodology, data collection and analysis, findings, and concluding remarks. The standard format of the body of the manuscript includes:

  • Abstract – This section summarizes all major parts of the manuscript.
  • Introduction - This section describes the problem, reviews the literature, and states the objectives and hypotheses of the research.
  • Method – This section includes the research design, the sample, data collection, procedure, and approach to data analyses.
  • Results – This section presents the findings.
  • Discussion – This section discusses the findings and their significance (distinguishing between facts and speculation/interpretation), summarizes, and gives recommendations.
  • References – This section includes only the citations in the manuscript.
  • Tables and Figures – S hould supplement, not duplicate, the text.

Research Paper – Also called an argumentative essay or literature review. Explores a topic, issue, or position to draw conclusions, make suggestions, and may propose hypotheses. This type of paper does not require research by the author but should address a problem or issue that will supplement or expand the literature. The standard format of the body of the paper includes:

  • Abstract – This section summarizes, in an abbreviated way, all major parts of the paper.
  • Introduction – This section justifies the importance of the topic, issue, or position and describes the objectives of the paper.
  • Discussion – This section presents the literature review and draws conclusions.
  • Summary – This section reiterates the topic, issue, or position, gives recommendations, and may suggest hypotheses.
  • References – This section includes only the citations in the paper.

Research Reports – Submissions in this category follow:

  • Poster Session Report – Includes (a) a written description which explains the research and (b) a digitized photograph of the Poster Board.
  • PowerPoint Report – Includes (a) a brief introduction, (b) slides, (c) written text to accompany slides, and (d) concluding comments.
  • Creative Report dealing with design material – Includes (a) a brief introduction, (b) strong textual and digitized photographs and supporting materials, and (c) concluding comments.