Personal, Social & Corporate Responsibility in a Common World

Guest Editors:
Margaret Bubolz and Linda Nelson

This issue includes papers presented at the Paolucci Symposium held at Michigan State University, April 4-6, 2002

Vol. 14, No. 1

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Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM
, Vol. 14, No. 1.

Editor: Dorothy I. Mitstifer.

Official publication of Kappa Omicron Nu National Honor Society. Member, Association of College Honor Societies. Copyright © 2002. Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM is a refereed, semi-annual publication serving the profession of family and consumer sciences. The opinions expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of the society. Further information: Kappa Omicron Nu, PO Box 798, Okemos, MI 48805-0798. Telephone: (727) 940-2658 ext. 2003

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Kappa Omicron Nu


Table of Contents

Guest Editors' Commentary

Margaret M. Bubolz and Linda Nelson

Exploring Opportunities for Eco-sound Food Habits: Households and Researchers in Partnership

Helena Shanahan


The purpose of this article is to report selected findings and highlight the methodological approach used in a Swedish project dealing with food habits in households and their environmental impacts. The approach is human ecological, longitudinal, and participatory. The households took part in an experiment with the aim of reducing life cycle energy inputs for food consumed. The article covers a case study of one of the participating households, describing food management processes, experiences during the experiment, and outcomes over time. In this household, food habits were changed toward more environmentally friendly ones.

Responsibility in a Common World: My Brother's Keeper?

Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.

Keynote Address
"Personal, Social, and Corporate Responsibility in a Common World"
Fourth International Paolucci Symposium
Michigan State University
April 4, 2002

Neoliberalism, Microbes, and Peace: A Human Ecological Perspective

Sue McGregor, Janice Doull, & Larry Fisk


The nature of the current links between neoliberalism, microbes, and peace needs to be understood so that peace, security, and justice prevail with environmental integrity. This paper draws links between these three unlikely bedfellows by arguing that embracing a particular ideology explains the sanctioning of patterns of behaviour and lines of thinking that affect, and are affected by, peace in a society. Adhering to the neoliberal ideology provides justification for exploiting both people and the ecosystems of the world. This exploitation leads to oppression and povertization of people and to the destruction of ecosystems. We provide a detailed examination of the impact of the synergy between neoliberalism and microbes on peace, justice, and security within families, society, and the environment. We conclude that peace, neoliberalism, and microbes are inextricably linked and that where there is neoliberalism there can, ultimately, be no peace.


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