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KON's Bullying Initiative

This web site provides background information and resources for KON chapter service-learning programs related to the problem of bullying as it exists in schools throughout the United States. Our objective is to encourage conditions that make it possible for all individuals to get along and function better in or out of the school setting.

About this initiative

Because society is transformed most productively from the bottom up in the spheres of environmental, social, and economic change, KON chapters and other student and community groups have an opportunity to make an impact in the larger community.

As a form of experiential education, service-learning offers students an opportunity for learning and development as they engage in activities that address human and community needs. Co-curricular education, in this manner, can lead to direct and indirect contributions to communities at the same time as students deepen their understanding of their own field of study.

Much thanks to Lorna Browne, PhD in 2012 for her work in establishing this resource.