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Bullying Initiative

Bullying-related Service-Learning activity ideas

As you create your individual or chapter’s service-learning response to bullying, it is recommended that you consider the following:

  • What service-learning is—and what it is not.  Your individual or chapter’s response may involve service and learning may be an outgrowth of such service, but such service will not necessarily be considered service learning.
  • According to Lawson (2001), service-learning is purposeful civic learning that provides a meaningful service to the community as it enhances academic learning.
  • Reflection is an important component of service-learning.  Such reflection allows the learner to process his/her learning.  The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse and Campus Compact have excellent resources related to service-learning reflection. 

Possible Bullying-related Service-Learning Ideas:

For the ideas presented below, it is assumed that students will precede their action with a thorough examination of the problem of bullying in today’s schools. Possible curricular connections: child/family/human development, education, statistics, research methods, or health courses.

  • Gather stories: from persons involved in the bullying cycle, members of their families, school administration, and school staff related to bullying events in a school or schools. Thematize these accounts and share them in an article, series of articles, or television story.
  • Hold a Bullying Fair to increase community awareness of bullying.  Have students set goals, carry-out the plan, and reflect on their learning.
  • Address the Family Violence and Bullying Connection: Students plan and provide a series of presentations at one or more local schools which address family violence and school bullying.
  • Work with a local school to develop a comprehensive bullying plan.  Involve students in all aspects of planning, allowing them to set goals, carry-out the plan, and reflect on their learning.