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Bullying Initiative

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Possible Activities:

Journal to explore your understanding of bullying.

Watch video segments related to bullying.

Discuss or role play case studies involving bullying scenarios.

Take an online bullying quiz to assess your understanding of bullying.

Possible Activities:

  • Explore bullying laws for the state in which you live and compare these with legislation that exists nationally.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of bullying and hazing policies that exist at your school as well as school districts close to your campus.
  • Create a comprehensive policy related to dating violence using materials from the Hazeldon Foundation.
  • Research the relationship between bullying and other forms of violence.  Follow-up by identifying steps that can be taken by schools and family therapists to prevent the perpetuation of such abuse.

Possible Activities:

  • Develop and distribute fliers or other media to students, their families, and community members related to bullying.
  • Survey students, teachers and other school staff members in local public and private schools (Grades 3-12) to determine the nature and extent of bullying that occurs there.
  • Collect accounts of bullying events from college students based on their experiences in Grades 3-12. Or encourage students to submit their stories to a website collecting these.