Selected Topics in Athletic Training

Guest Editor and Project Coordinator:
Rebecca Hess PhD

Courtney Footskulak: The Importance of Female Athlete Triad Screenings in Athletic Training

Greg Harrison: Efficacy and Validity of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Deirdre McFate: The Role of Stretching in a Warm-Up

Erica D. Carlyn Stuart: The Roles of Kinesio Tape®

Lesley Willis: Accuracy and Reliability of Core Temperature - Measurement Tools  in Identifying Heat-Related Illnesses in Athletes

Research in athletic training has rapidly expanded over the past two decades encompassing not only the more traditional focus on clinical applications but also pedagogy and curriculum, psychology of injury, and an introspective evidence-based practice inquiry.  To support this research initiative, many undergraduate athletic training education programs (ATEPs), including ours at California University of Pennsylvania, added a senior research class to the undergraduate curriculum focusing on developing an understanding of published research as well as valid research questions.  More specifically, in our Sports Medicine Research course at Cal U, senior ATEP students’ research topics culminate in a selected review of the literature, research proposal, and presentation of the research in class seminars as well as University Academic Excellence Events.  Students are also encouraged to submit papers to professional athletic training organizations, as well as, for those that are members of our Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society, the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences.  The following five research papers were developed by the students as a culminating undergraduate research experience and represent Selected Topics in Athletic Training

Rebecca Hess PhD
Professor in Health Science
California University of Pennsylvania
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