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Volume 8 - 2009

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Managing Editor: Dorothy I. Mitstifer

This journal was organized as a refereed publication during the First Undergraduate Research Conference of the Undergraduate Research Community (URC) for the Human Sciences at the Kappa Omicron Nu Conclave, Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, August 2-5, 2001.

On October 15, 2001, the Editorial Committee announced the Call for Papers and set the first deadline for papers as January 15, 2002. No deadlines will be set for future publications; submissions are accepted for review on an ongoing basis. Guidelines for authors can be found at URC Guidelines and at Guidelines for Submissions. Further information can be obtained at the above e-mail address.

—Dorothy I. Mitstifer, Managing Editor

Table of Contents - Volume 8

Research Manuscripts

The Impact of Celebrities on Adolescents’ Clothing Choices
Sarah Danielsson, The Master’s College

Providing Orphan Care Systems in Developing Countries
Rebekka Kelly, The Master’s College

Interracial Interaction of College Students from High School to College and their Perceptions of Campus
Paul Smith, Alicia M. Helion*, Alan K. Mock*, Lakeland College, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The Effects of Working Mothers on Sibling Rivalry
Anna Tsang, The Master's College

Use of a Focus Group of Chariton County Citizens to Investigate Opinions, Attitudes, and Recommendations for the Chariton County Oral Health Program
Whitney Trusty, Courtney Perrachione, Truman State University

The Relationship Between Credit Load and Depression
Joel A. Makin, Cassie R. Mansheim, Cassandra N. Dyar, Huntington University

The Correlation of Self-Esteem and Perceived Social Support
Allison Budd, Callie Buschman, Lucas Esch, Huntington University

The Influence of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls
Erica Laurén Sanders, The Master's College

The Effect of Introversion and Extraversion on the Fear of Negative Evaluation
Melissa Keighin, Kelsey Butcher, Michael Darnell, Huntington University

Dual-Earner Couples: The Impact of Work-Family Spillover on Marital Satisfaction
Sarah A. Cherry, Samantha J. Sutorius, Emily L. Zimmerman, Huntington University

Narcissism and Levels of Social Competence
Megan Fulton, Shalicia Holman, Huntington University

Textile Arts and Handcraft Participation in the Florida Parishes Region of Louisiana
Kristin McNab, Debbie Johnson*, Southeastern Louisiana University

Parent’s Depression and Its Relation to Adolescent Suicide Attempts
Christina Solomon, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Post-Divorce Living Conditions and Child Maturation
Jessica Crabb, The Master's College

Xbox as Therapy? An Experimental Investigation into Persuasion, Catharsis and Violent Video Games
David S. Chester, Kathryn A.P. Burleson*, Warren Wilson College

Effects of Sorority Participation on Artificial Tanning Habits in College Students
Allison L. Attal, Baylor University

Estimating Suicide Rates in Nations that Do Not Report Suicide Statistics
Zorel Zambrano, Lawrence T. White*, Beloit College

Using Photovoice as Participatory Needs Assessment with Youth at a Latino Youth Action Center
Joan Scacciaferro, Samantha Goode, Deirdra Frausto, Truman State University

The Perceived Influence of a Father on His Daughter’s Development
Caitlin Goossen, The Master's College

Evaluation of a Drug Court Serving Female Prescription Drug Misusers: Relationship of Substance Use to Co-Occurring Trauma History and Symptoms
Amber Hannah, California State University, Los Angeles
M. Scott Young*, Kathleen Moore*, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute at University of South Florida

Understanding Ethnic Disparities in Contraceptive Use: The Mediating Role of Attitudes
Sarah K. Christman, Tina Zawacki*, University of Texas at San Antonio

Black and White Students’ Quality of Life
Dawnn Mahulawde, Bowling Green State University

Research Papers

A Review of the Relationship Between Cannabis Use and Affective Disorders
Thomas Hugh Richardson, University of Bath

Athletic Participation Limitations of the Down’s Syndrome Population
Heather L. Orndorff, California University of Pennsylvania

Finding Everything in the Space of Emptiness
Rose Sexton, Leda Cempellin**, South Dakota State University

“When it is my turn, there will be no one to bury me. ” - Ideology, Social Mobility, and Individual Agency in the Cambodian Genocide
Will Plowright, University of British Columbia

Shamans Equal Schizophrenics
Anthony Wilkins, Texas A&M University

Collapse of the World’s Fundamental Social Unit: Mass Media’s Tremendous Impact on Families
Kayla Groat, University of Maryland University College



Research Reports


* Faculty Co-Author
** Faculty Project Coordinator

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Press Release

New Journal Announced

East Lansing, Michigan . . . . Announcing Online Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences. This online journal implements the plan to develop an electronic journal to reflect excellent undergraduate research in the human sciences. The Undergraduate Research community for the Human Sciences has a commitment to make this journal visible and compare in quality with similar publications in the natural sciences, engineering, and psychology. It is intended that this journal will be a testament to undergraduate research and curricular innovation in the human sciences. Although the first deadline was January 15, 2002, submissions are accepted for review on an ongoing basis. Presenters at the first Undergraduate Research Conference (8/01) and other undergraduates that have completed research are invited to submit papers for Volume 2 - 2003. Graduate students may submit papers if the work was completed as an undergraduate student.There are no affiliation requirements; all undergraduates conducting research in the human sciences are eligible to submit papers. Papers may represent a full range of research, including quantitative, qualitative, and action research. Papers are classified as (a) research manuscript, (b) research paper, and (c) research reports. See Guidelines for Submissions.

Request: Please distribute copies of the Call for Papers to faculty engaged with undergraduate researchers. The success of this journal depends on the enthusiastic participation of human sciences units and the diverse programs within their umbrella missions. Thank you in advance for your support.


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