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This journal was organized as a refereed publication during the First Undergraduate Research Conference of the Undergraduate Research Community (URC) for the Human Sciences at the Kappa Omicron Nu Conclave, Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, August 2-5, 2001.

On October 15, 2001, the Editorial Committee announced the Call for Papers and set the first deadline for papers as January 15, 2002. No deadlines will be set for future publications; submissions are accepted for review on an ongoing basis. Guidelines for authors can be found at URC Guidelines and at Guidelines for Submissions. Further information can be obtained at the above e-mail address.

—Dorothy I. Mitstifer, Managing Editor

Table of Contents - Volume 10

Research Manuscripts

An Ethnographic Perspective of ISU Students’ Decision to Drink Bottled Water: A College Drinking Problem?
Maria Cristina Morales Munoz, Johanna Haas*, Illinois State University

College Students' Perceptions of Fitness and Body Type in Interpersonal Relationships
Melissa MacDonald, Kylee Thetford, Nichole Schueneman, Justin Daleiden, Cameron Miller, Jennifer T. Edwards*, Tarleton State University

Parental Relationships and Family Cohesiveness as Influencing Adolescent Eating
Golshid Fadakar, Melinda Blackman*, California State University, Fullerton

“The Buzz About the Birds and the Bees” Parental Reproductive Health Capital
Eulalie Laschever, Pacific University, Mercer Island, WA

Persistent Homelessness in Boston, Massachusetts
Katie R. Petrik, Julian D. Murphy, University of Notre Dame

Individualistic and Structural Attributions of Poverty in the LDS Population
Alex North, Arwen Behrends, Kayla Green, Luis Oquendo, Tamra Dison, Justin Larson, Yohan Delton*, Brigham Young University-Idaho

Does Exergaming Achieve the Same Levels of Fitness Intensity as Unstructured Activity?
Courtney A. Graham, Rachel M. Perron, Jamie R. Feldman, Eric E. Hall*, Elon University, Elon, NC

Birth Order and Impact on College Major Choice
Jennifer Cramer, Ashley Dilling, Brittney Hockemeyer, Joshua Nicholson, Huntington University

Impostor Phenomenon and Females' Self-Esteem, GPA, and Relationship with Mother
Melissa R. Garwick, Annalise C. Ford, Jennifer L. Hughes*, Agnes Scott College

A Study of Attendees’ Motivations: Oxford Film Festival
Taylor Thomas, Young Hoon Kim*

The Effects of Pre-Bedtime Routine on Sleep
Aubrey Garner, Julie Manges, Raquel Anderson, Huntington University

The Effects of Divorce on the Perception of Cohabitation
Whitney Hacker, Berea College

Effect of an Educational Workshop on Heart Disease Prevention Knowledge of Employees in Rural, Northeast Missouri: A Pilot Study
Megan Temme, Samantha Goode, Dierdra Fausto, Jonathan Jones, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO

Would You Buy That Church?  A Study of the Branding of Denominations
Danielle Gargiulo, Kirby Gowen, Shar’Niese Miller, Josann Schoeff, Huntington University

Beverage Consumption of College Students: Factors that Influence Their Choices
Rachel Grumbine, Ellen Mills, Dr. Nina Collins*, Dr. G. Kevin Randall*, Bradley University

Can Stereotypes About Your Age-Related Abilities Impact Your Cognitive Performance? The Influence of Stereotype Threat on First Year College Students and the Elderly
Ian Gackowski, Christine Merola, Julie E. Yonker, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

The Effects of Presentation Style on Memory and Change-Blindness Sensitivity
Rachael A. Divine, Mariam V. Balasanyan, Jennifer M. Vuong, Justin C. Latham, Robert J. Youmans*, California State University, Northridge

The College Student’s Perception of Healthful Eating
Rebekah Tsang, The Master’s College

Gender Representation in a Selection of Children’s Picture Books: A Skewed Ratio of Male to Female Characters?
Heather MacArthur, Carmen Poulin*, University of Brunswick

A Holistic Approach to Understanding Military TBIs: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Stephanie L. Summers, Christie Chung*, Mills College

Referential Communication in Bilingual and Monolingual Children
Lorraine M. Rindahl, Marie A. Stadler*, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Professor-Student Interactions and Student Participation: Comparing the Effects of Body Language and Sex on Classroom Participation
Luke Brenneman, Wes Bass, Jordan Peterson, Huntington University



Research Papers

The US Economic Interests in Greater Central Asia: The Development Process and the Expected Future
Binqiao Chen, Robert Tian*, Medaille College

Transform the Boundaries: Intercultural Communication in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Chen Sheng, Wesleyan College

The Economic Connections between China and the U.S.: How to Benefit Both Players through International Trading
Ruby Yanjie Chen, Robert Guang Tian*, Medaille College

The Horn of Africa in a Bipolar World - The Cold War as the Origin of the Somalia Crisis
Philipp Schulz, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany

Acknowledging Spiritual Realities - Ecological Knowledge, Cultural Connections, and Spiritual Agency in Dai Theravada Buddhism
David Matthew Hecht, Luther College

Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Deficiency (PDCD)
Zhilwan Rahim, Park University

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Causes, Treatments, and Manifestations in Several Different Ethnicities
Tyler Ben-Jacob, Binghamton University

Russian Demographics: The Role of the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Christopher Hoeppler, McMaster University


Special Edition: Current and Potential Practices in Athletic Training

Foreword by Rebecca Hess, Ph.D., California University of Pennsylvania

The Effects of Hydration on Athletic Performance
Meredith Decker, California University of Pennsylvania

Current Trends in the Assessment and Management of Sport-Related Concussions: The Result of ImPACT
Chris Parker, California University of Pennsylvania

A Review of the McKenzie Method of Spinal Rehabilitation and Evaluation
Kathryn Ramsdell, Undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program, California University of Pennsylvania

The Role of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Treating Athletic Injuries
Sean Rentler, California University of Pennsylvania


* Faculty Co-Author
** Faculty Project Coordinator


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Press Release

New Journal Announced

East Lansing, Michigan . . . . Announcing Online Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences. This online journal implements the plan to develop an electronic journal to reflect excellent undergraduate research in the human sciences. The Undergraduate Research community for the Human Sciences has a commitment to make this journal visible and compare in quality with similar publications in the natural sciences, engineering, and psychology. It is intended that this journal will be a testament to undergraduate research and curricular innovation in the human sciences. Although the first deadline was January 15, 2002, submissions are accepted for review on an ongoing basis. Presenters at the first Undergraduate Research Conference (8/01) and other undergraduates that have completed research are invited to submit papers for Volume 2 - 2003. Graduate students may submit papers if the work was completed as an undergraduate student.There are no affiliation requirements; all undergraduates conducting research in the human sciences are eligible to submit papers. Papers may represent a full range of research, including quantitative, qualitative, and action research. Papers are classified as (a) research manuscript, (b) research paper, and (c) research reports. See Guidelines for Submissions.

Request: Please distribute copies of the Call for Papers to faculty engaged with undergraduate researchers. The success of this journal depends on the enthusiastic participation of human sciences units and the diverse programs within their umbrella missions. Thank you in advance for your support.


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