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Volume 4 - 2005

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Managing Editor: Dorothy I. Mitstifer

This journal was organized as a refereed publication during the First Undergraduate Research Conference of the Undergraduate Research Community (URC) for the Human Sciences at the Kappa Omicron Nu Conclave, Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, August 2-5, 2001.

On October 15, 2001, the Editorial Committee announced the Call for Papers and set the first deadline for papers as January 15, 2002. No deadlines will be set for future publications; submissions are accepted for review on an ongoing basis. Guidelines for authors can be found at URC Guidelines and at Guidelines for Submissions. Further information can be obtained at the above e-mail address.

—Dorothy I. Mitstifer, Managing Editor

Table of Contents - Volume 4

Research Manuscripts

Hispanic Working Women's Business Jacket Purchase and Consumption
Ana Stoyanova and Seulhee Yoo*, Texas Tech University

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Marital Status & Job Satisfaction
Michael J. Knerr, Villanova University

Individual and Environmental Factors in Mexican-Origin Adolescents' Academics
Sandra Abarca, Scott W. Plunkett*, Tovah Sands*, California State University Northridge

Awareness of the Architectural and Interior Design Needs of Individuals with Physical Disabilities
Ophelia Yuen, The Master's College

Self-esteem in Females throughout Childhood and Adolescence
Jenni L. Strange, Nicole L. Neuenschwander, and Abby L. Dauer, Huntington College

Gender Roles and Personality Disorders
Amy R. Knapp, Southeast Missouri State University

The Archetypal Man's Man: An Examination of the Relationship Between Alcohol Abuse, Hostile Sexism and Masculinity Among College Males
Mindi Hopkins, Danielle Miller, Beth A. Kotchick*, Loyola College, Maryland

Yoga as a Moderator on the Effects of Stress on Hypertension
Kavya Vaidyanathan, University of Michigan

The Effects of Romantic Perfectionism on Disclosure in Romantic Relationships
Dustin P. Bailey, Southeast Missouri State University

Effects of Family Mealtime Practices on Household Inhabitants
Lindsay A. Schwarz, Eastern Illinois University

Research Papers

Establishing Acoustical Standards within Environments for the Aging: What Should We Be Building?
Jessica Post and Migette L. Kaup*, Kansas State University

An Empirical Evidence of Breast Cancer in our Daily Food Consumption
Gautham Vaidyanathan, Penn High School, Mishawaka, IN

* Faculty Co-Author


Contact: Dr. Ginger Phillips-Schiller
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Press Release

New Journal Announced

East Lansing, Michigan . . . . Announcing Online Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences.

This online journal implements the plan to develop an electronic journal to reflect excellent undergraduate research in the human sciences. The Undergraduate Research community for the Human Sciences has a commitment to make this journal visible and compare in quality with similar publications in the natural sciences, engineering, and psychology. It is intended that this journal will be a testament to undergraduate research and curricular innovation in the human sciences.

Although the first deadline was January 15, 2002, submissions are accepted for review on an ongoing basis. Presenters at the first Undergraduate Research Conference (8/01) and other undergraduates that have completed research are invited to submit papers for Volume 2 - 2003. Graduate students may submit papers if the work was completed as an undergraduate student.

There are no affiliation requirements; all undergraduates conducting research in the human sciences are eligible to submit papers. Papers may represent a full range of research, including quantitative, qualitative, and action research. Papers are classified as (a) research manuscript, (b) research paper, and (c) research reports. See Guidelines for Submissions.

Request: Please distribute copies of the Call for Papers to faculty engaged with undergraduate researchers. The success of this journal depends on the enthusiastic participation of human sciences units and the diverse programs within their umbrella missions. Thank you in advance for your support.


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