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Undergraduate Research Publications

Journals Accepting Manuscripts Based on Undergraduate Research without Site Limitations

The following publications accept manuscripts based on undergraduate research irrespective of where the research was conducted:

Imponderabilia: is an international "multidisciplinary student journal, a platform to share and exchange ideas, criticisms and reflections on anything anthropological (in the widest sense of the word - on anything related to culture and society)" published in the United Kingdom.

International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities:is "a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the publication of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates and their mentors. The Journal accepts submissions of research articles, fiction, poetry, photography, videos, and other creative works from undergraduate students in all academic disciplines" (URCA, n.d.)

Journal of Politics and Society: is an international, interdisciplinary undergraduate social science journal that focuses on "problems of politics, economics, public policy, social phenomena, international relations, and law."

Journal of Student Research: is an open-access journal committed to the distribution of student (undergraduate and graduate) research.

Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence: is "a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal registered with the Library of Congress that accepts submissions of any subject, from any undergraduate institution" provided by Colorado State University since 2010 (JUR, 2014).

Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research: is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary undergraduate research journal based at Monmouth College.

National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse: Multidisciplinary clearing house publishes research papers based on undergraduate research.

Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring: focuses on the processes associated with undergraduate research in a variety of disciplines. This is publication that moves "beyond the traditional research article," as it offers undergraduate researchers opportunities to share their perspective related to their research journey in a variety of formats.

RURALS: Review of Undergraduate Research in Agricultural and Life Sciences: "is a faculty-refereed journal devoted to the publication of high quality research by undergraduates worldwide in all research problem areas including, but not limited, to those described in the USDA, CSREES Manual of Classification of Agricultural and Forestry Research at"

Sociological Insight: "is a peer-reviewed sociology journal promoting undergraduate scholarship in the social sciences. Sociological Insight seeks to provide an opportunity for undergraduates in the United States and abroad to publish their very best academic papers," book reviews and interviews with prominent researchers in the field (UT School of Undergraduate Studies, 2009-2014)

Student Pulse: "is an online open-access academic journal focused on publishing the work of university students from around the world in a wide range of academic disciplines" (Student Pulse, 2014). Requires a $10 fee to review a manuscript.

The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review: is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary publication that accepts manuscripts from undergraduate researchers "from around the world."

The Pulse: "is Baylor University's undergraduate scholarly publication. . . . It is the forum for top-quality student research in the Honors College and the University at large."

The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography: publishes manuscripts associated with ethnographic research where an undergraduate (or student who has graduated within the year following graduation).

The Dialectics: Journal of Law, Leadership, and Society: is a refereed social science journal from Abington College of the Pennsylvania State University that promotes "discourse and scholarship and to encourage students to pursue and engage in thoughtful discourse . . . on topics of societal importance." Publishes essays focusing on public issues ranging from homelessness and domestic violence to Super PACs and health care reform.

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research: is a peer-reviewed journal "open to undergraduate students in the U.S. and across the globe in all subject areas" with an emphasis on service learning and community-based research.

Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences (URJHS): is a peer-reviewed online journal published by Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) Honor Society. This publication's seeks to "foster and reward the scholarly efforts of undergraduate human sciences students" and "provide a valuable learning experience." Faculty mentors are identified and recognized with "an asterisk next to their names" in published documents (KON, 2002-2014). The URJHS accepts the following types of submissions: research manuscript, research paper, and research reports (poster, PowerPoint, and creative dealing with design). See

Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology: is an international journal that publishes articles that highlight undergraduate research, "literature reviews and other scientific writing" in connection with cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology.

Institution-Specific Journals With Kappa Omicron Nu Chapter Connections

The following journals publish articles exclusively associated with research conducted by undergraduates at the institutions that sponsor them. All of the sponsoring institutions listed have KON chapters.

Bradley Works : "highlights the research, collaboration, and creativity of Bradley faculty and students."

Catalyst: is a multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Inquiry : New York University's College of Arts and Sciences' "journal of undergraduate research, publishing abstracts from the [undergraduate research] conference and other student work annually."

Philologia: Journal dedicated to publishing undergraduate research in the liberal arts and human sciences for affiliated institutions. Institutions with KON Chapters include Florida State University and Virginia Poly-Technical Institute.

Red Cedar Undergraduate Research (or ReCUR): Peer reviewed journal published annually by Michigan State University Honors College.

Research Perspectives Blog: Publication at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro includes research conducted by undergraduate students.

Scientia: "is published annually to honor the achievements of students who have completed the requirements of the program and are graduating with the Citation in Honors" at Marywood University.

The Owl: "is an [interdisciplinary] online peer-reviewed publication of research articles written by Florida State University undergraduates."

Undergraduate Research Abstracts Journal: Publication of the University of Utah dedicated to highlighting the diversity of undergraduate research at this institution.