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Websites with Information about Mentoring

I could not deprive you of the revelation of all that you could accomplish together, of a friendship that will define you both in ways you cannot yet realise.

~Senior Spock to Younger Spock and Kirk in Star Trek (2009)

Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR): Website for the Council with the mission of "support[ing] and promot[ing] high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship" (CUR, 2011). Both of CUR's publications, the CUR Quarterly , CUR's official publication, and CURQ on the Web provide helpful information and resources for faculty and students engaged in the mentoring process.

Faculty Mentoring Handbook: This site from the University of Alaska at Anchorage includes links to a faculty handbook with information for mentors and mentees related to the mentoring process itself with application in a variety of situations, including working with undergraduates on extended campuses. The undergraduate research resources available at the broader site includes information for students and faculty as well as an undergraduate research data base where projects being conducted at this institution are cataloged.

Faculty Toolbox: Mentoring Undergraduates: Site developed by George Mason University.

Independent Study: This site describes the College of Wooster's Independent Study program where students participate in mentored independent research throughout their senior year at the college as a required component of their experiences at the college.

Mentoring Toolkit: Resources provided by Indiana University take undergraduate researcher mentees and their faculty mentors through the research process.

Mentoring Undergraduates in Research and Scholarship: Developed by the University of Alaska Anchorage, this site has links to mentoring information associated with a faculty handbook that considers all stages of the mentoring process.

PURM (Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring: This blog provides helpful information for undergraduate researchers and their mentors in connection with a variety of topics throughout the mentoring process. This blog also welcomes contributions from faculty and students related to their mentoring experiences.

RCR Mentoring: Page "includes relevant background text, definitions and examples, policy statements, video, and expert commentary" to increase understanding of mentoring.

Research Mentor Guidelines at the University of Miami: This website has research mentoring guidelines, a mentoring guide, and mentoring resources.

Resources for Mentors of Undergraduates: This page provides links to a range of resources for mentors and undergraduate students involved in collaborative research.

Undergraduate Research: Buffalo State University's website has pages with helpful information for students and faculty.

W.K. Kellogg Biological Station: This site provides access to "a variety of documents and links related to mentoring and managing undergraduate researchers and interns" (Michigan State University Board of Trustees, 2009-2012).

WPDN Mentoring Program: The Women's Professional Development Network at the University of Adelaide's website has useful information available at this site for mentors and mentorees (mentees) related to mentoring generally and suggestions for the mentoring relationship, specifically.

General Mentoring Information

Be a Mentor: Site offered by the American Society of Association Executives. A Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP) Scholar Program is one focus of the mentoring activities and resources provided.

Mentoring and Coaching: Resource with articles, books, and helpful information related to mentoring as a part of the Pentagon's Intranet.

Mentor Development Program: Although designed with for clinical mentees, the resources provided on this website include topics and materials of value to those mentoring undergraduate researchers throughout their mentoring experiences.

Mentoring Resources Website: Website provided by the Institute of Clinical Research provides several helpful resources (including those related to communication, ethics, and problem solving) and training to assist mentors and mentees throughout their research journeys.

National Mentoring Month: Site highlights activities associated with National Mentoring Month (January).

Responsible Mentoring of Researchers: Resource provided by the American Psychological Association with resources applicable to mentors of undergraduate researchers.

The Top 10 Qualities of a Good Mentor: Website has several pages with information related to mentoring.

Undergraduate Research Links for KON Chapters



Undergraduate Research Office

Kappa Gamma Upsilon

Appalachian State University

Office of Student Research

Kappa Delta Sigma

Ashland University

Undergraduate Research and Creativity

Omicron Alpha Tau

Auburn University

Undergraduate Research Program

Kappa Gamma Theta

Baylor University

URSA: Undergraduate Research and Scholars Program

Nu Alpha

Berea College

Collaborative Undergraduate Research Program

Family and Consumer Sciences Undergraduate Research

Kappa Alpha Tau

Bradley University

Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Family and Consumer Sciences: Undergraduate Research

Nu Pi

California State University – Fullerton

CSUF/CSU Student Research Competition

Omicron Alpha Psi

California State University – Long Beach

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Omicron Beta Epsilon

California State University –Northridge

Undergraduate Research in the California State University

Nu Upsilon

California State University – San Marcos

Student Research at CSUSM

Nu Omicron

California University of Pennsylvania

Student Research

Kappa Beta Xi

Carson Newman College

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Gamma Zeta

Central Michigan University

Student Funding and Resources

Omicron Mu

Cornell University

Office of Undergraduate Research

Kappa Gamma Delta

Delta State University

Nu Alpha Beta

Delaware State University

Smile Undergraduate Research Program

Nu Iota

East Carolina University

The Office of Undergraduate Research

Kappa Beta Rho

East Tennessee State University

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Kappa Alpha Theta

Eastern Illinois University

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

Omicron Pi

Florida State University

Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement

Nu Delta

Harding University

Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

Omicron Alpha Rho-Hunter

Hunter College (CUNY)

Undergraduate Research

Nu Rho

Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Alpha Mu

Illinois State University

Honors Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Kappa Chi

Immaculata University

Undergraduate Research

Omicron Gamma

Iowa State University

Undergraduate Research at Iowa State University

Omicron Theta

Kansas State University

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Beta Theta

Lamar University

Office for Undergraduate Research

Nu Omega

Life University

Student Research Opportunities

Omicron Beta Beta

Louisiana Tech University

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Kappa Epsilon

Marshall University

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Kappa Alpha Alpha

Marywood University

Undergraduate Research at Marywood University

Kappa Delta Omicron

Meredith College

Undergraduate Research Program

Omicron Alpha

Michigan State University On Experience and One-on-One Collaboration

Kappa Alpha Pi

Middle Tennessee State University

Undergraduate Research Center

Kappa Beta Phi

Mississippi State University

Undergraduate Research

Omicron Beta Theta

Montclair State University

Research/Mentoring Opportunities

Kappa Delta Xi

Morgan State University

Kappa Delta Mu

North Carolina A&T University

Undergraduate Research Programs

Kappa Gamma Epsilon

North Carolina Central University

Research Opportunities

Omicron Alpha Rho

New York University

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Delta Pi

Nicholls State University

Research Week

Kappa Delta Mu

Tennessee Technological University

Undergraduate Research Program

Kappa Gamma Epsilon

North Carolina State University

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Gamma Epsilon

North Carolina Central University

Research Opportunities

Omicron Beta Gamma

Northern Illinois University

Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning

Kappa Alpha

Northwest Missouri State University

Undergraduate Library Research Awards

Kappa Gamma Phi

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Undergraduate Research Council

Kappa Delta Rho

Olivet Nazarene University

Omicron Lambda

Oregon State University

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts

Omicron Tau

Pennsylvania State University

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Nu Kappa

Pennsylvania State University, Altoona

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Fair

Kappa Beta Epsilon

Prairie View A&M University

Undergraduate University

Nu Lambda

Purdue University, Calumet

Student Research Office

Omicron Beta Alpha

Rutgers--The State University of New York

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Delta Zeta

Saint Catherine University

Kappa Delta Phi

Sam Houston State University

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Beta Alpha

Samford University

Undergraduate Research

Nu Zeta

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific Undergraduate Research

Kappa Alpha Gamma

Seton Hill University

Kappa Gamma Sigma

South Carolina State University

Undergraduate Research

Nu Nu

Southern Utah University

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program

Nu Eta

Tarleton University

Office of Student Research and Creative Activities

Kappa Beta Mu

Tennessee Technological University

Undergraduate Research Office

Kappa Delta Gamma

University of Akron

Undergraduate Research Participation

Omicron Alpha Upsilon

University of Delaware

Undergraduate Research Program

Nu Chi

University of Incarnate Word

Research Development

Omicron Alpha Beta

University of Maine, Orono

Center for Undergraduate Research

Kappa Delta Upsilon

University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

Human Ecology Undergraduate Research Program

Kappa Gamma Eta

University of Mississippi

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Omicron Alpha Omega

University of Missouri - Columbia

Undergraduate Research

Omicron Alpha Gamma

University of Montevallo

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Pi

University of New Mexico

Summer Research Programs

Nu Phi

University of New Haven

Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research

Kappa Beta Beta

University of North Alabama

Undergraduate Research

Omicron Alpha Kappa

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office

Kappa Alpha Lambda

University of Southern Mississippi

Center for Undergraduate Research

Nu Alpha Alpha

University of Texas at Tyler

Honors Senior Research Project

Omicron Alpha Delta

University of Utah

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Omicron Beta Zeta

Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Undergraduate Research

Kappa Beta Eta

Virginia State University

Undergraduate Research Conference

Omicron Kappa

Washington State University

Undergraduate Research

Nu Mu

Washington State University – Vancouver

Student Research and Assistantship Opportunities

Kappa Beta Kappa

Western Illinois University

Thomas E. Helm Undergraduate Research Day

Nu Theta

Western Michigan University

Student Research

Nu Xi

Youngstown University

Undergraduate Research